Custom-made design and engineering of  naval and civil furniture

  • 2D Architectural Drawings
  • 3D Executive Drawings
  • Production Research: itemized list of materials for supplier orders (veneer, fine veneer, borders, mounting, weight)
  • Data sheet for machines
  • Technical data sheet of each single component
  • Shot peening
  • Assemblies
  • Labels
  • Concept design development  (upon request)
  • Components and materials' definition to be used for fornitures, upholtery, bathroom fixture toilet…etc.. (upon request)
  • Renderings  (upon request)
  • 2D/3D space planning  (upon request)

Why we like to think of ourselves as a virtual joinery?

Starting from a Laser Scanner survey, which allows us to detect the three-dimensional spaces of a location, we can now realize works of interior design directly in 3D as if we were on the spot. 

Thanks to this operating method and specialized, cutting-edge softwares, our designers have acquired highly-qualified skills throughout the years. The company strong heritage that enables us to deal with any kind of custom project, from the architectural stage to the drawings' production, which are essential for the carpentry's realization.

Our works contain all those elements necessary to the production: hardware, accessories, material item lists, codification of all the pieces produced and machine programs for sophisticated joineries, working with numerical control machines.

To follow, we also develop assembly tables, which are advantageous for fitters who wants to make a proper and dedicated installation.

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